Ashfield U3A Job Profiles (with effect from March 2020)

Ashfield Executive Committee Job Profiles 2020

Posts marked with * will always be committee posts. All others could be non-committee roles.

*Chairman (plus Vice Chairman)
  • Responsible for the overall management of the U3A through the committee in line with guidance from the Third Age Trust and the Charity Commission, Ashfield U3As constitution and policies
  • To promote and maintain links with outside agencies such as the network groups

*Secretary (plus Assistant or Business Secretary)
  • Responsible for committee organisation, including booking of venues for meetings and preparation of agendas in consultation with the Chairman
  • Sending out agendas to members together with any discussion papers
  • Checking meetings are quorate
  • Ensuring decisions regarding tasks determined at meetings are conveyed to members for action
  • Maintaining full and accurate records referencing to Webmaster for inclusion on website as necessary and maintaining the information on the Charity Commission website
  • Receiving documentation from National Office and the Charity Commission and passing on relevant documentation to the committee, checking the TAT website for relevant updates.
  • Ensuring that policy documents are kept up to date

*Treasurer (plus Assistant Treasurer)
  • Responsible for the efficient handling of all financial matters with strong financial management
  • Maintaining full and sufficiently detailed records
  • Prepare monthly reports for committee and annual audited accounts for the AGM
  • Advising committee on appropriate annual membership fees
  • Presenting Treasurer's report at AGM
  • Gift aid
  • Annual return to TAT and Charity Commission in liaison with the Membership Secretary as these are mainly financial documents

*Membership Secretary (plus Assistant)
  • Responsible for the introduction of new members and maintenance of the database of all categories of membership
  • Liaise with Newsletter Editor regarding newsletter numbers required and distribute to postal members
  • Distribution of notices in relation to AGM/EGMs to all categories of membership
  • Liaise as necessary with the Webmaster, throughout the year, for preparation of membership cards for new members. Preparation of badges for new members.
  • Oversight of the buddy system and greeters

Group's Co-ordinator (plus Assistant)
  • Oversight of all interest groups within the U3A
  • Encourage members to form and maintain new interest groups
  • Encourage duplicate groups when groups are full
  • Ensure that group leaders are aware of the importance of managing their finances carefully
  • Make group leaders aware of their data protection responsibilities
  • Hold meetings with group leaders on a regular basis with a view to dialogue and discussion of common issues

Programme Secretary (may need some back up if they are absent from the meeting but no assistant)
  • Resource suitable speakers for monthly meetings agreeing any fees involved to a limit set by the committee
  • Identify requirements required for delivery of presentation and liaise with Sound and Visual Engineer as necessary
  • Arrange parking as necessary
  • Meet speaker, assisting as necessary and introducing to Chairman
  • At conclusion of meeting, pay fee by cheque from Treasurer
  • Assist as necessary and see safely off premises

  • Responsible for the development, maintenance and data protection compliance of the U3A website and online newsletter operated through contracted third party data processors 123-Reg, Dropbox and Flipsnack respectively
  • Ensure that site information is relevant and regularly updated in each case

Newsletter Editor
  • Prepare monthly newsletter content in liaison with others as necessary having regard to data protection regulations
  • Encourage group leaders to submit interesting short articles including visual images concerning their group activities for inclusion in the monthly newsletter
  • Liaise with Webmaster in respect of duplication of information for inclusion
  • Liaise with Membership Secretary in respect of numbers required for distribution to postal members

Social sub committee rep
  • Committee member with permanent membership of the social sub-committee responsible for reporting to the committee on social activities

Development Officer (This is a job which may or may not be relevant year on year)
  • Identify and investigate ideas and policies to enhance the U3A experience for all our members and the wider community

Other Jobs
  • Inventory
  • Discrimination and Safeguarding
  • Dealing with educational opportunities which come into the U3A
  • Research relevant to the development of the U3A such as monitoring of interest group participation
  • IT - this is probably going to become more relevant as time goes by

March 2020

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